Alexander Ponomarenko2016-03-16 11:37:14
Google Chrome
Alexander Ponomarenko, 2016-03-16 11:37:14

After updating Chrome, the device mob has changed. How to return back (see screenshots)?

After updating Chrome, the ruler disappeared, which was in the upper right corner when the browser was resized, and the device mob changed. How to return back? Rummaged through all the settings nothing helped. Uninstalled and installed - didn't help either.
This is how it became - prntscr.com/afvrb6
This is how I want it to be - prntscr.com/afvrqn

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Sergey Novikov, 2016-03-16

Everything is easy: 79fa36cdb6f441b2bea3dc994ff6b2c8.png.

GreatRash, 2016-03-16

There is only one way out - to roll back to an older version of chrome.

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