Sergey Karbivnichy2018-01-05 20:31:59
Sergey Karbivnichy, 2018-01-05 20:31:59

After uninstalling programs in linux Mint, the desktop was reset. How to return?

Decided to remove unused programs in Linux Mint(XFCE). Here's what I removed:

sudo apt-get remove pidgin
sudo apt-get remove thunderbird
sudo apt-get remove hexchat
sudo apt-get remove xfburn
sudo apt-get remove xplayer
sudo apt-get remove simple-scan
sudo apt-get remove pix
sudo apt-get remove xfce4-dict
sudo apt-get remove libreoffice*

After the reboot, the desktop was reset:
I sin on "sudo apt-get remove xfce4-dict", although what does the dictionary have to do with the desktop?)
Can I somehow return the old desktop, from the taskbars below, with themes, with my settings?
Thank you!

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Kirill Romanov, 2018-01-05

Look in /var/log/apt/history.log to see what has been removed.

vdem, 2018-01-05

Well, try returning xfce4-dict, maybe it's a required dependency.

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