Rupex2020-11-09 10:06:43
Computer networks
Rupex, 2020-11-09 10:06:43

After turning off the modem, there is no Internet, how to solve?

After you turn off the modem when you turn it on, there is no Internet and every time you come to call the provider, how can you solve it yourself? The first time I called I was asked to give the MAC address and after that the Internet immediately appeared, the TP-Link modem, I tried to do Mac clone, do not advise calling the provider, I live in Spain, they won’t tell me anything)

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Griboks, 2020-11-09

Most likely, the router of the provider is broken or the dhcp server distributes at long intervals, about 10 minutes. Therefore, you need to fill in the addresses / routes / servers manually as static addresses.

Ruslan Fedoseev, 2020-11-09

Ask your provider. Otherwise, no way. We don't know how the provider's network works, we don't know how your equipment should be configured...

Ruslan, 2020-11-09

It's a provider issue.

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