musalav2014-12-24 05:03:07
musalav, 2014-12-24 05:03:07

After turning off the headphones, the laptop continues to see them. When immersed in sleep mode and exiting it, the problem goes away, the headphones turn off. What?

After turning off the headphones, the sound disappears from the laptop speakers. If you turn on the headphones again, the sound returns. If the laptop goes into sleep mode, then wakes up, a notification appears that the connector is disabled. And the speakers start working again. If you disable and enable Realtek, then the sound also returns. Updated drivers via DriverPack, did not help. I looked at the Windows Audio settings, also to no avail. I rolled back the settings to the basic ones, but again the same problem. Dell laptop, Windows 8.1, Realtek Audio High Definition driver.
I installed the standard Microsoft drivers - it can be seen that the headphones are displayed as connected after I pulled them out of the connector. And they turn off when you wake up from sleep mode.
Help, please, to solve a problem.

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