Maxim Yumikov2020-09-16 21:36:39
network hardware
Maxim Yumikov, 2020-09-16 21:36:39

After turning off FTTH, the Internet stopped working?

Hey Habr! I'll tell you in order, they put a lining in my room, and the cable from the Internet (black) interfered, since it was connected to FTTH. The master who installed it decided to turn it off, showed that this cable is not connected anywhere, and this is true. They put one lining and turned it on, but there was no signal. I don’t really understand this garbage and I don’t want to pay too much for calling the master, since the repair is all business, I need money. 5f625b2240dae229548207.jpeg
Thanks in advance for your reply!

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Dimonchik, 2020-09-16

you need to go out to the entrance, find the cable and holding on to it enter the apartment

AntHTML, 2020-09-17

You can't figure it out with optics without calling the provider's master - you need expensive special equipment.
Moreover, the photo seems to show a strong bend or break in the fiber

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