Shamil Khairulaev2021-09-12 03:08:55
Shamil Khairulaev, 2021-09-12 03:08:55

After trying to install linux, the flash drive became faulty. What to do?

I wanted to install linux using youtube video instructions on a flash drive. When copying files (Last stage of installation) halfway through, the installation crashed. To format this flash drive and try again to install Linux, I went into Windows, but he no longer saw this flash drive and wrote that it was faulty. What could be the reason and is it possible to restore the flash drive?

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Zettabyte, 2021-09-12

If it is still visible as a device, then under Windows try checking the flash drive with R.tester: https://rlab.ru/tools/rtester.html
At a minimum, see how it is defined there - model / name / manufacturer, as well as volume.
If there is no important information on it, then you can try to run read and write tests, they will show the state of the memory.
If you suddenly need to recover data from a flash drive, then start with R.saver: https://rlab.ru/tools/rsaver.html
If the file system is alive, then he will see it and be able to read it from under Windows without installing any drivers .
If you need data recovery from a Linux FS, then I can’t recommend a good free program, paid products are needed here. In a normal scan, you can do a pre-purchase scan, thereby seeing what you can recover by purchasing a key.
If there are no necessary files on the flash drive, then I would advise you to hand it over under warranty. A flash drive that fails now will not get better in the future, so you cannot rely on it.

Vyacheslav Barsukov, 2021-09-12

Windows may not see the partition on the flash drive. This is fine.
First you need to insert a USB flash drive and check whether the device is defined or not. If the device is determined, you can try to restore it.
For Linux machines, you can use gparted and format it to ntfs with re-creation. If the operation was successful, then you are in luck. If not, then you can suffer by understanding the controller and the memory itself.
The operation may not complete successfully for many reasons. Perhaps the USB slot is loose and power is lost,

Puma Thailand, 2021-09-12

If she is not in the disk manager as a result, then she died

mkone112, 2021-09-12

A flash drive is a consumable, cheap ones do not always survive a dozen overwrites. Buy a new one, and better with record alignment, sandisk there, or sams.

Oleg Volkov, 2021-09-14

Erase all partitions from the disk manager and create a new one - Windows will immediately see it.

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