Ferisar2014-06-11 15:36:16
Ferisar, 2014-06-11 15:36:16

After transferring WinXP in a way (Ghost 11.5) to a similar PC, the network

After transferring a WinXP image to an almost identical PC, the network card behaves strangely.
Old mother: Intel D2700MUD
New mother: Intel D2500HN The
USB controller also did not rise, but after installing the firewood it started up without problems.
The strange behavior of the network card is a constant "cable is not connected", but the network link itself is blinking.
after turning it on / off in network connections, the connection rises for 3-5 seconds (there is still no ping), then it falls again. And whether the cable is plugged in or not - the OS does not pay attention, when the cable is removed, the connection rises in the same way.
I reinstalled the driver in all possible ways, with cleaning the registry, installed it in different ways - with an installer from Intel, poked manually through the device manager - nothing new.
It works fine in safe mode. Tried a clean boot - the problem persists. With an empty autoload and all services turned off (checked the "hide Microsoft services" checkbox in msconfig, what remains - turned it off). Only Plug and Play, manufactured by Microsoft Corporation, remained enabled, if it is turned off - an empty network connections folder and a non-working device manager. But at the same time everything works in safe mode.
What else to clean?

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nfire, 2014-06-11

You need to transfer it not as a guest (it is for backup), but with programs like Acronis True Image.
In this situation, I see three options:
1. If the old computer is available, make the image an acronis and restore it in universal restore mode.
2. If not, then deploy the image on a new computer and without booting from it, make the image an acronis and then point 1
3. Stop raping the corpse and put 8.1.

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