Dmitry2016-06-29 10:12:20
Dmitry, 2016-06-29 10:12:20

After transferring the site to a new hosting, I can’t add attachments to the site and update plugins, what should I do?

After transferring the site under Wordpress to a new hosting, it is not possible to add attachments from the admin panel (jpg, pdf, etc.). Writes "unable to" move to a folder ... afe3c25251d7462c92f7051ae5f05f1e.jpgAlso, I can not update the plugins, it asks for details from FTP, which the hoster did not send me. What is this mb connected with and how can I fix it?

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Sergey Tryapkin, 2016-06-29

Write to the hoster about this problem.
There may be several reasons why this is so.
WordPress. The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads. How to fix? here is the definitive answer.

Zakhar Storozhuk, 2016-06-29

Perhaps the permissions on the uploads folder are not set.

Sergey Zelensky, 2016-06-29

Most likely it's the permissions on the folder, try setting it to uploads 775

Viktor Taran, 2016-06-29

Everything is elementary, you just do not have enough rights to edit the file
. There are several options for solving the problem
, firstly it is 644 + 755, but this will be recommended to you without me, and I think you are aware of it.
secondly, do not think that these are all the rights to the files that are.
In your case, you should also pay attention to user:group
They must match those that are valid on this server for changes via php Why
this can happen
2. you have one ftp user and another apache user and they don't have enough rights.
3. you have disabled the exec function and in principle you cannot do anything with the file system other than reading.

Alexey Skobkin, 2016-06-29

You need write permissions to the corresponding directories.
And if they are correct, but Wordpress still asks for FTP data, you can do this .

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