Denis Kiselev2018-10-17 11:10:48
Denis Kiselev, 2018-10-17 11:10:48

After the transfer of the Bitrix site, the thumbnails for the pictures disappeared. How to fix?

Greetings. Transferred the site on Bitrix to a new hosting, the domain remained the same. I noticed that some thumbnails are not displayed, I will attach screenshots below:
What I see on the site
The source code of the site, the path to the image
A file that is not displayed in the site directory
As you can see, the file physically exists, but its volume is 0. Help me figure out the problem, in Bitrix is ​​not strong.

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Andrey, 2018-10-17

check if the disk space has run out
try to delete this file, it should be recreated from the original image

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