Ivan Petrov2021-05-13 18:43:03
Google Ads
Ivan Petrov, 2021-05-13 18:43:03

After the site was hacked, Google ads were blocked. Filing an appeal after restoring the site did not lead to anything, what's the matter and how to fix it?

The site has been restored, the appeal has been filed, the answer looks like this:

We have reviewed your appeal.

After reviewing the information you provided, we have verified that your account is still not compliant with Google Ads policies.

Your account will not be activated. Do not create new Google Ads accounts as they will also be blocked. When we close a Google Ads account, the suspension applies to the owner of the account and to all existing and future linked Google Ads accounts.

What are the options for why Google advertising did not work? If you need any additional information to answer my question, please let me know.

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Dimonchik, 2021-05-13

wait and hope up to 2 months
from the phrase

We've verified that your account is still not compliant with Google Ads policies.

especially if BEFORE it corresponded,
conclude that they didn’t fix shit
, and yes - there is a lag after the fact and confirmation of this fact by robots, they don’t look at the site, they look at the verdict of the robot

Valeriy Romanoff, 2021-06-23

1. Try to contact technical support and achieve a non-automatic check of the site for errors, clarify what exactly needs to be corrected to unlock it.
2. If stopping advertising is critical for business, try other placement sites until the problem with Google Ads is resolved https://digitalagency.kz/reklama-v-internete/

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