kornelius222016-04-03 19:24:04
kornelius22, 2016-04-03 19:24:04

After the reboot, the touchpad itself was reinstalled (Win7) ???

Reinstalled the touchpad

  1. I sat on the GOG website, nothing foreshadowed;
  2. Logged out of the session;
  3. Cleared the history in the browser;
  4. Turned off the network, launched CCleaner;
  5. Turned off the laptop;
  6. Turned on the laptop;
  7. I saw a message that a search for drivers is in progress;
  8. It turned out that a Microsoft PS/2 mouse was being installed;
  9. I started looking, I didn’t find anything suspicious either in the logs or in the properties of the driver;
  10. Removed the device / driver - it was installed again after the OS was rebooted, and there was no installation message (like last time), only a suggestion to restart the computer / postpone;
  11. Since reinstalling the mouse driver for no reason at all is not normal - I decided to ask the experts, Google decided that they live here.:;
The log shows the following events: 1) Driver Management completed the process of adding the i8042prt service for device instance ID ACPI\SYN0A17\4&6A90DDD&0 with the following status: 0.
2) Driver Management completed the process of adding the mouclass service for device instance ID ACPI\SYN0A17\4&6A90DDD&0 with with the following state: 0.
3)Driver Management completed the installation process of the FileRepository\msmouse.inf_x86_neutral_7a9084e0177406eb\msmouse.inf driver for the device instance with ID ACPI\SYN0A17\4&6A90DDD&0 with the following state: 0x0.
TTX of himself and the system
Middle-level user, everything that is possible in the OS is blocked- from Flash (forced installation disabled) to incoming pinging. Everything is cut off/blocked/disabled to the best of my ability, everything that can be blocked access to the network. Remained acceptable convenience for everyday use.
  • System - Windows 7 x32;
  • Notebook - Asus A54H;
  • Antivirus software - Avast Internet Security (firewall + antivirus + web screen and others);
  • Touchpad drivers - system (not from the Asus website);
  • Automatic update disabled;
  • Access for system services (including Windows Update) is limited.

I hope you can help me find out what bastard tried to reinstall my driver on my touchpad :)
Thank you!

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Andrey Ermachenok, 2016-04-03

reinstalling the mouse driver all of a sudden is not normal

And from this and from this - it happened after how
So everything is fine

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