Artemy Antipin2016-10-19 08:58:49
Artemy Antipin, 2016-10-19 08:58:49

After the migrations, changes on the site are not applied, but the migrations are successful, what could be the problem where to look ???

The site is on Django, I work locally, I make changes, I upload changes to Bitbucket, then I merge these changes into the site itself. The problem is this: I change some fields in the models in the admin panel (models.py) or in dashboard.py I display some models on the main page in the admin panel, after all the migrations there is nothing on the production server ... although all migrations are applied successfully, what could be problem ???

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Vladimir Kuts, 2016-10-19

manage.py showmigrations See
successfully applied migrations?

Artyom Innokentiev, 2016-10-19

It's worth restarting your combat server - Gunicorn / uWSGI / supervisor / upstart depending on what you're using.

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