Captain Cocoa2020-09-03 13:24:20
Captain Cocoa, 2020-09-03 13:24:20

After switching to a Radeon graphics card, the YouTube video became ragged, why and how to solve it?

Switched from Nvidia to Radeon and had a strange problem. When watching a video on Youtube, at the moments where there is movement, everything becomes somehow torn + with artifacts. It’s hard to explain in words, I tried to record a video from the screen, but everything is clear on the recorded video, but it’s a disaster when viewing from YouTube. Moreover, if you download the video and watch it locally in any player, there is no problem.

This is how it should be

But this is how the eyes see (I took a picture of the screen on the phone, lol) otherwise it was not possible to catch the problem. And so with all the faces in motion. Not only with faces but on the face most noticeable.

Disable acceleration in chrome. Did not help. In addition, the problem is in all browsers from opera to age.

Guys, who faced such ebaloy, tell me how to treat?

Proc: AMD R7 3800X
Vidyaha: Radeon RX 580

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Captain Cocoa, 2020-09-03

In general, I don’t know how, but switching from HDMI to Pord Display solved the problem

Developer, 2020-09-03

It looks like the color depth has decreased by a few bits. You need to look in the settings and increase to 24 bits

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