attiz2016-06-18 22:33:41
attiz, 2016-06-18 22:33:41

After switching to 10-ku, PDF files stopped opening, what's the problem?

I installed Windows 10, pdf files stopped opening, I can’t open it through any reader, what could be the problem?

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fbenin, 2016-06-22

The latest versions of the most used browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have built-in features for viewing PDF files. Thus, you do not need to install any additional programs at all in order to open these files. It is enough to select "Open with" in the file menu, specify the path to one of the specified browsers and check the box "Always use this program to open this type of file." After that, all files with this extension will be opened through the browser until you install a program specially designed for this purpose (if you need it at all) This is with the condition that the file is not broken. The problem may simply be the following after an incorrect upgrade to Windows 10 if it was for example. Maybe the computer was cut down or something else, some data may be lost, so my Xchange server crashed for example ... They barely restored it, and then with a system rollback. It seems to me that the matter is still in the file itself, try checking it through the service, this one for examplehttps://onlinefilerepair.com/ru/pdf-repair-online.html PDF On-line repair service
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Roland_Deschain, 2016-06-19

PDF.js расширение для chrome, firefox, opera - открывать pdf прямо в браузере
DocsPal загрузить и посмотреть PDF online
Foxit Reader
Sumatra PDF

Александр Таратин, 2016-06-19


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