Danny Arty2021-04-17 11:43:56
Danny Arty, 2021-04-17 11:43:56

After so many years, I thought - why do they put a limit on the size of the uploaded file in the CMS admin panels?

Actually, the question is:

Why do CMS admins put a limit on the size of the uploaded file? Is there any danger in this? And is it worth it to increase these values?

Thanks in advance

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rPman, 2021-04-17

Limits are needed everywhere to make it harder to arrange dDOS, uploading huge files, wasting server resources to zero (it often happens that developers do not track disk space running out errors, which breaks the server, up to the database crash, especially when bicycles)

Vladimir Korotenko, 2021-04-17

Resources are not endless. Therefore, they put it. Somehow the lady complained that she could not send scans by mail. I looked, it turns out that instead of typhoid, she chose bmp and a resolution of 2400. Another case of attachments in crm where the amount of space costs 40 times more than the same amount but in object storage

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