Mikhail Proskurin2017-09-28 20:41:06
Mikhail Proskurin, 2017-09-28 20:41:06

After selecting the language, the screen "There was a problem, try again" pops up, how to install the system?

I decided to roll back windows 10 to factory settings, I did it through the standard system tool. Everything went smoothly, until the moment I was asked to choose a language, I attached a screenshot. What can be done?

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Ltonid, 2017-09-29

In general, if this is not a licensed version, then there is no point in discussing it. If licensed, then only reinstallation from scratch is possible. It seems like a melkosoft repaired a similar thing in some update ...
Ask the same question on the melkosoft portal, where experts will tell you about their own system in more detail.

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