Stanislav Valsinats2021-07-06 20:35:35
Stanislav Valsinats, 2021-07-06 20:35:35

After restoring Windows does not start Software, only another version works, why?

Good evening colleagues. I thought I had seen everything in my experience, but I have not seen anything like this yet.

User in domain, PC slows down, disk errors. SMART WARNING -> MHDD - ERASE -> CHKDSK /F /R

The user cannot open office, FineReader, Pictures.

I understand that system files are corrupted - DISM , sfc - no results.

OS update via boot disk. -> maps are working in explorer. But then MAGIC

MS OFFICE 2016 does not start, FineReader - error 000022 - and right away.

Reinstalling, cleaning CCleaner, uninstall utilities from the developer and reinstalling, removing antivirus - 0 results.

At the same time - Run as Administrator - works. No double click.

Administrator account login does not work. Login under the new user - does not work. ONLY FORCE RUN UNDER ADMINISTRATOR,

Office installed office 2013 - no questions - works. FineReader 12 instead of 15 - works.

The question is - what happened, what exactly by double-clicking the launch of the software does not work, and exactly a certain version. ????

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rPman, 2021-07-06

To start this

disk errors. SMART WARNING -> MHDD - ERASE
disk into the trash, replace it with a new one and only then work , since nothing destroys data like disk errors during chkdsk repair.
Most likely the registry is damaged, there will be no beautiful solution, right - to restore at least some old one from a backup, but as I understand it, there are no backups.
If the creation of a new user does not change anything, then the hklm registry or the place where the activex objects are described is damaged, but if the software is reinstalled ( I hope this is about removing + cleaning + installing and not restoring ), then it’s completely strange.
I still advise you to reinstall the system itself, you will save more time and nerves.

Artem @Jump, 2021-07-08
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The disk needs to be replaced - did you replace it before proceeding further?
CCleaner cleaning
Well, if you use obviously malicious programs, it's quite normal that nothing works.

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