Alexander Sharomet2015-09-01 13:28:49
Alexander Sharomet, 2015-09-01 13:28:49

After resetting the BIOS setting, the picture slows down, what can I do?

I recently reset the BIOS settings and now I have the following problem: the computer slows down a little, the picture in the browser often freezes (if you open the browser, then go to the picture and then return, then pieces of the picture will be on top of the browser until you start scrolling). The video card is not built in.
How can this be fixed?
If necessary, then the motherboard I have is ASUS M5A97 EVO.
Thank you.

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Alejandro Esquire, 2015-09-01

I would check the setup/bios settings related to caching and video memory... Try changing them (one at a time) and see if it has any effect.

Salavat Sharapov, 2015-09-01

Had the same problem, IDE/AHCI settings helped.

Konstantin, 2015-09-07

check the memory voltage and its frequency in the bios, most likely your RAM requires more voltage than the default ones, look at what kind of chips you have and read their description and set it in the bios in accordance with this

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