TheSpiel2282021-10-21 22:06:29
TheSpiel228, 2021-10-21 22:06:29

After replacing the RAM, the image does not appear on the PC. What should I do?

Hello everyone, I want to ask a question, the answer to which I have been racking my brain for the whole day. I wore a PC in a server because without additional tools I would not have been able to make a diagnosis, they said that I had a problem with one RAM chip (there were 2 x 4 DDR3 1333 in total). I decided to improve my PC and bought 16 GB of one die with a frequency of 1600. The prehistory of why I wore a PC to a server, sometimes there were glitches with the PC and after turning on the PC the picture did not appear on the monitor, but I always fixed it in one way when I turned it off PC, after turning on, the button on the power supply. It always worked not not then, I was immediately sure that it was either with the RAM or with the motherboard. They made it so that the PC turned on, but with one die for 4 GB. So, I bought an RAM and inserted it, the same problem, the image does not appear. The speaker is silent (although when you put 4 + 16 he yells), I took out the button to reset the BIOS settings, cleaned the slots. BUT for some reason, when you put the 4 GB stick back, everything works. So experts attention to the question, what is wrong with my PC ??????

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Drno, 2021-10-21

And if you rearrange 4GB in the second slot - does it work?
Looks like the RAM slot is buggy.

rPman, 2021-10-22

what kind of memory do you have? frequency model, bios settings (usually it is advised to reset them in such cases)?

- Support DDR3 2400+(OC) / 2100(OC) / 1866(OC) / 1800(OC) / 1600(OC) / 1333/1066 non-ECC, not buffered

ps on the Internet you can find old user complaints about problems with frequencies like 1866 with this processor

TheSpiel228, 2021-10-22

Goodram Ddr3 1600 1x16gb

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