helsing2522017-04-26 22:35:45
helsing252, 2017-04-26 22:35:45

After replacing the processor on a laptop, it began to turn off every 30 minutes, can I fix it?

Hello, I changed the processor on the ASUS X75V laptop. It was intel pentium installed intel i5 3230m. I watched official assemblies with such processors, they went. Put everything working, everything is fine, the laptop recognized it) only began to turn off exactly after 30 minutes. Pereshurstil Internet say that the protection from the upgrade, but there is no solution. Maybe all the same, something can be done, because in fact everything works, everything is clearly increased by the eye. No overheating issues for sure. If anyone knows, I will be very grateful and generous.))

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helsing252, 2017-04-27

Yes thanks for the answer. I also climbed on the Internet, they say that it is necessary to change the hub (I don’t know what it is) from the HM70, which is now on the HM77 and the problem is being solved and everything will start working. I'll go to find out the prices how much it will cost because the processor has already been bought)

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