Gregory2017-03-05 12:49:23
Gregory, 2017-03-05 12:49:23

After replacing hdd with ssd, does the laptop go into a reboot loop?

Replaced HDD with SSD in Lenovo z710 laptop. I installed Windows on the ssd, everything worked. I put the HDD in optibay, the BIOS sees a new disk, I start loading, but the laptop goes into a reboot cycle.
I formatted the HDD, it is completely clean
. The boot order is set in the BIOS - the ssd comes first.
What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance
UPD it turned out that the problem was in the built-in HDD. I put an ssd inside the laptop, put the system on it, put another hdd in the optibay and everything worked as it should
. Thank you all for your participation)

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Maxim Vyaznikov, 2017-03-05

Those. Is the problem only when the HDD is connected?
And, if I understand correctly, windows is already starting to load, and at this stage there is a reboot?

Rikcon, 2017-03-05

Do a reset on the laptop.
For me it is done like this support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01684768
You most likely have the same, google if anything by the laptop manufacturer + hard reset

Konstantin Stepanov, 2017-03-05

Problems with optical bays.
For the test, drop only the SSD in there. If it boots, then it's incompatibility with hdd (there may not be enough power), and if it doesn't, then it's just defective.

hedgehog3000, 2019-12-24

Hurray comrades! I found a solution! The case turned out to be in the structure of the MBR and GPT partitions.
Both disks must have the same structure (it doesn't matter which of the two, I tried both, everything works)!
Description of my problem:
I have the same problem on my Z710. But there are some nuances, namely:
1. My problem appeared after installing the Toshiba OCZ TR200 240Gb SSD, but before that, the Kingston UV400 120Gb SSD was installed in the same slot, which worked flawlessly until its death.
2. Through OptiBay, a 1Tb HDD was included in both the first and second cases.
3. Work is possible if you start the laptop with the Novo Button, select Boot Menu and specify Toshiba SSD to boot. At the same time, the system works fine and sees both SSD and HDD.

ThunderCat, 2017-11-28

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17942508/sql-s... wow
, I thought such a perversion could exist only in 1 instance...

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