hdworker2015-04-05 16:02:30
hdworker, 2015-04-05 16:02:30

After repartition and demolition of GPT, only EFI Shell is loaded, what should I do?

Hello gentlemen!
We decided to make a repartition, at the same time demolish some (as it seemed) small subdivisions. After demolishing several GPT partitions, only the EFI Shell is loaded, nothing else is loaded. The motherboard is new, MSI is from the latest, there is no legacy boot, only UEFI devices are in the Boot order.
Computer in the office, made 2 bootable flash drives, on one Win 8 with GPT for EFI computers.
On the second, the same distribution, but MBR for EFI computers.
There is a hypothesis that one of them will help :)
Maybe someone knows what can be done to be sure?
Thank you in advance!

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Viktor, 2015-04-05

Naturally, convert to MBR. A treasure trove of information on this part is here.
And in order for new boot options to appear, you need to disable UEFI. This option is called differently in different BIOSes.

hdworker, 2015-04-07

Solved the problem radically! Reverting to a previous version of Win7.
Not a single flash drive was loaded, all gave an error:
in any configuration. Booted only flash drive with the seven.
Thanks for your input, I'll close the issue.

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