ArtJH2021-03-23 10:56:23
Hard disks
ArtJH, 2021-03-23 10:56:23

After renaming the additional hard drive, the laptop became dull, some programs, files, folders stopped opening. What is the reason?

What could be the reason and how to fix it?

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Zettabyte, 2021-03-23

the laptop began to blunt, some programs, files, folders stopped opening

Are you sure that this is not a coincidence, and the disk has not started to go to another world?
Download the free R.tester and first look at the SMART disk: https://rlab.ru/tools/rtester.html
You can also do a quick diagnostic. Download to another disk, especially since you say that this disk is additional.
Make sure that everything is in order with its "additionality" - for example, if the disk is connected through an adapter instead of an optical drive. Alternatively, by connecting directly to another computer, preferably a stationary one, with a known sufficient power supply unit.
If you have important data there, it would be good to save it first.
If the information is critically important, then it is possible that the best option is to turn off the computer altogether and take the disk for diagnostics to a professional data recovery company. In normal diagnostics is free.
If the disk began to die, then there is a certain chance to finish it off during copying attempts. At the moment, according to a meager, but description, it can be assumed that a specialist will be able to save a volume of data close to 100%.

Puma Thailand, 2021-03-24

Obviously this has nothing to do, just check the smart disk

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