Anton2019-12-12 19:15:27
System administration
Anton, 2019-12-12 19:15:27

After reinstalling windows, what will happen to the merged disks?

In the system unit there are 3 disks (ssd + 2hdd)
hdd through Computer Management - Disk Management - Expand Volume combined into one disk (two disks seem to be one).
Will the files on these hdds be available after reinstalling windows 7 or not?

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azarij, 2019-12-12

if this is a software "raid" created by the OS itself (the so-called spanned volume) - then nothing will happen if you choose to install on an ssd.
if raid0 is created by means of a chip on the mother, it's also basically nothing. it will be necessary only after installation to install the driver from this chip.

Artem @Jump, 2019-12-12


hdd through the regular functionality are combined into one disk (two disks seem to be one).
A functional is a function defined on an arbitrary set and having a numerical range of values.
There is no functionality in Windows, especially regular.
And what you did with the disks is unknown, there are many options for combining disks - RAID arrays of various types, disk spaces, mount points, etc.
To predict whether the data will be available after a reinstall, you need to know exactly how you mapped the disks.

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