ICELedyanoj2013-09-02 10:47:07
ICELedyanoj, 2013-09-02 10:47:07

After reinstalling Windows + VS 2012, the project is rebuilt only after Clean Solution?

The following trouble happened:
Windows 8 x64
Visual Studio 2012
Solution in C # from 30+ projects
After reinstalling Windows and Visual Studio, the following behavior is observed:
When you call Rebuild or Rebuild All, the project is visually assembled - progress runs, build errors (if any), etc. d. After launching for execution, it turns out that the previous compiled version is working - the debugger is not connected and there are no recent changes in the program.
Only Clean Solution and repeated Rebuild All helps.

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Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2013-09-02

Are all updates for 12 studio worth?

Alexey, 2013-10-25

Maybe it's worth reinstalling / Trying the 2013 studio, maybe the behavior will change in it? You can RC, it's free.

Rinat Gilmanov, 2013-11-21

You can see Process Explorer'om that locked which file in bin/Debug. perhaps the application is not unloaded after the previous Run

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