Chelman2016-10-24 21:43:57
Chelman, 2016-10-24 21:43:57

After reinstalling win7, fonts on some sites are not displayed correctly, how to fix it?

I reinstalled Windows 7, now the text is not displayed correctly on some sites.
For example, on the Adobe website, I see the following: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/785R/Euau1Vkx9
Moreover, the problem is both in the English and Russian versions of the Adobe website.
The text on the other sites that I managed to visit is displayed correctly.
It looks the same in different browsers.
I don’t understand what’s the matter, maybe the standard fonts need to be updated somehow ...
Have you encountered a similar problem?

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iBird Rose, 2016-10-24

for me it's just not included cleartype www.wseven.info/cleartype

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