mills2019-09-27 07:40:17
mills, 2019-09-27 07:40:17

After refreshing the page, the class is attached, how to get rid of it?

Hi everyone

$( "#form_dropdown_location" ).change(function(){
      if( $(this).val() === "769" ) {
          $( ".aleksandriysk" ).removeClass("hidden");
      else {
        $( ".aleksandriysk" ).addClass("hidden");

When choosing in select with valut 769, a new select appears ...
After saving and updating page 1 select everything is OK, but the class hidden is still attached to the second one and it is not shown how to make the check easier or not to attach more hidden if a choice is made?

I hope I explained clearly.

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Arthur, 2019-09-27

If I understood correctly, then add the code below your function
$( "#form_dropdown_location" ).trigger('change')

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