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After reducing the transaction log file, 1s swears in some operations?

MSSQL 2017.
DB file size - 50 GB.
The log file size is 54 GB.
In MS SQL Server Management Studio, in the database parameters, I changed the Recovery Model from Full to Simple. Then Tasks ->Compress->File, File type - Journal. Free up unused space (the console shows that it can free up 99%). I do. Everything ends well. The transaction log has decreased to almost zero. Returned the database to Full.
After that, in 1s, when conducting documents, an error occurs:

Ошибка при выполнении обработчика - 'ОбработкаПроведения'
по причине:
{ОбщийМодуль.УправлениеЗапасамиПартионныйУчет.Модуль(9739)}: Ошибка при вызове метода контекста (Выполнить)

по причине:
Ошибка выполнения запроса
по причине:
Конфликт блокировок при выполнении транзакции:
Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Транзакция (идентификатор процесса 51) вызвала взаимоблокировку ресурсов блокировка с другим процессом и стала жертвой взаимоблокировки. Запустите транзакцию повторно.
HRESULT=80004005, SQLSrvr: SQLSTATE=40001, state=33, Severity=D, native=1205, line=1

I had to return the virtual machine to its previous state.
Without converting the base to Simple, log compression reduces the log file by only 1 GB.
A full database and log backup also does not reduce the log file.
How to competently and safely reduce the log file at least twice?

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