mercower262022-03-21 12:43:18
mercower26, 2022-03-21 12:43:18

After pressing uefi firmfare settings, the screen stopped working, what should I do?

The boot of the laptop stopped working, the hard drive was not visible in the BIOS. I inserted a bootable USB flash drive and accidentally clicked uefi firmfare settings. After that, the laptop worked for some time, but there was a black screen. I decided to reboot, also a black screen and no bios loading. Pulled out the battery for 10-20 seconds, nothing

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mercower26, 2022-03-21

I solved the problem, I flashed the bios through a USB flash drive. I uploaded a file for my laptop with the .fd extension to a USB flash drive, turned on the laptop via fn + esc and after 3 minutes it was flashed automatically.

Drno, 2022-03-21

accidentally clicked on fn + F (th thread there) turns off the display?

Ricardo Sanchez, 2022-03-21

You can’t just throw off the battery in 10 seconds. it is necessary to remove it and let the car lie down, preferably longer. Night for example.
Specify the battery - is it a battery from the motherboard or a battery?

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