2018-11-07 13:54:17
, 2018-11-07 13:54:17

After loading win7, usb and PS / 2 mouse and keyboard stop working, but the system does not hang?

A brother called from a neighboring city and told about the situation in the country that had happened to his computer.
He decided to update the drivers on his win7 PC and used the program from this site https://drp.su/ru , which he had done more than once before.
After updating the drivers with the DriverPack Solution program, I rebooted the computer. And then the keyboard and mouse stopped working, while the computer did not freeze and, when the power button was pressed, it shuts down perfectly and turns off.
He advised him to get a PS / 2 mouse from the chest and connect it to reboot, which he did. After loading the mazdaiki, the PS / 2 mouse reacted to movement for 2 seconds and no more reaction. Booting in safe mode showed the same thing.
Can anyone suggest what to do in such a situation? demolishing the system is not an option.

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Drno, 2018-11-07

Even I didn't read it right... the last working configuration is to try it. Just run system restore, roll back to install the drivers. Usually this program creates a restore point.
Boot into safe mode. Remove the mouse devices along with the driver from the system (Device Manager). Next, reboot, also in the bozopastny. Do the same with the keyboard.
Next, load the normal mode of Windows. Check that the drivers on the USB have not been deleted. Firewood for the mouse / keyboard usually never needs to be updated.
If it didn’t help or didn’t work out, remove the usb driver. After the reboot, download them from the motherboard manufacturer's off-site and install from there.
Do not use automatic driver installation programs if you do not understand the consequences and what you are doing))) Always install firewood from off site. And I also do not advise you to install drivers in Windows updates and automatically through Windows.

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