Valentine2020-03-11 12:39:48
Google Chrome
Valentine, 2020-03-11 12:39:48

After launching Google Chrome, pages open for a long time, how to understand what is the reason?

After turning on the PC the first time you start chrome, everything opens for a very long time, no matter what site you click on. After everything is loaded (seconds 15) you can work in normal mode. With repeated shutdowns and launches of chrome, the problem is also observed, but on a slightly smaller scale, though only if I have saving tabs after closing turned on. If this function is disabled, then all brakes are repeated.

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Valentin, 2020-05-23

The problem was in the Frigate extension. So I understood the essence, but I don’t really need it. I turn it on only when needed.

Sergey Zolotarev, 2020-03-11

Maybe some add-on is to blame? Try disabling all add-ons and see what happens, and then enable one by one.

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