Land-Maze2020-09-23 16:16:01
Land-Maze, 2020-09-23 16:16:01

After installing Windows, endless loading. Where are my hands messed up?

I tried to install Windows 7 on Ryzen 5 2xxx once again, and everything ends sadly

. I took the image from MSDN 2020, that is, an image with USB 3.0 and NVMe support, but that's not the point. If I create an installation flash drive through the utility or without, everything ends well. But the strange thing is that everything takes a long time to install and even after installation it hangs on the classpnp.sys driver (I checked it in safe mode), this driver is responsible for the disk (in general) when it hangs on it, the disk starts to work (crack and spin)

Well, from -due to the fact that I was getting the error 0xc000000009a, I ran the installation via an .exe file in another Windows

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Keffer, 2020-09-23

With the new AMD processors and Windows 7, everything is not just bad, but very, very bad. No one has yet been able to get a sanely working seven on ryzens. Just because of the problems with firewood. Only this fact makes me personally sit on hardware with processors up to the 7th generation. And keeps you from buying the latest AMD flagships. For a dozen is disgusting to the point of impossibility.

lonelymyp, 2020-09-24

It's not even worth trying with the official image.
Google ready-made assemblies for AMD or implement what you need for work yourself.

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