Man20102020-09-20 16:13:39
Man2010, 2020-09-20 16:13:39

After installing the Intel XTU program, the laptop does not work, what should I do?

After installing the Intel XTU program, the laptop does not work, or rather I press the power button, Windows starts up, while the cooler just takes off at maximum speed. After 30-40 seconds after turning on the laptop is cut down abruptly. After several such inclusions, it is noticeable that the problem is that the processor is heating up, since in the place where the processor through the case and the keyboard feels warm. I installed the program and literally poked a couple of buttons there out of ignorance, now such a disaster. Tried through safe mode, same problem. Even when you go into the bios, it still cuts out after 30 seconds. I tried to throw another hard drive without Windows in order to install a new Windows, everything is the same, it does not work, it is cut down. It costs Windows 10, a lenovo ideapad z510 laptop, 16 GB of RAM, 480 GB ssd, everything else is standard for this model. The thermal paste was replaced a month ago. Please help me what happened and how to fix it. Thank you.

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15432, 2020-09-20

You changed the configuration of the laptop, which is why the processor is now quickly overheating and goes into protection. The configuration may have been written to the BIOS or ME.
If resetting the BIOS to default settings does not help, then only flash the BIOS (with the ME partition) to the original unmodified image. If it does not work out programmatically, then the programmer

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