Serafim Podolyanchuk2021-03-24 00:18:11
Serafim Podolyanchuk, 2021-03-24 00:18:11

After installing qttabbar, a white frame appeared inside the explorer. How to fix?

Since it was inconvenient to use Explorer, Windows decided to install a program to create tabs in Explorer. On the operating system, I have a dark theme by default (light eyes hurt). And after installing the QTTABBAR program in the explorer, a white frame appeared around the window where you can see the folders and documents. I really don't like it, is there any way to fix this
Thanks in advance for any help)))

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John Smith, 2021-03-24

Here is a person's screen, without a frame.
you can try to follow his config.
here is another solution
PS total commander...

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