Romi2021-05-04 11:01:45
Romi, 2021-05-04 11:01:45

After git rebase master writes: "Your branch and "origin / my-branch" split and now have 15 and 7 different commits" - what to do?


git rebase master

it writes:

Your branch and "origin/my-branch" have split and now have 15 and 7 different commits each respectively. (use "git pull" to merge the external branch into yours)

But, after all, if I do a "git pull" - then it will return the old database back? Or not? :)

In general, what to do? -)

The local branch my-branch is linked to origin/my-branch respectively. I did a git rebase master from it to have the changes from the master, and now I don't understand how to sync correctly with the github branch.

If possible, please answer with a line of code (including) please.

Thank you.

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toxa82, 2021-05-04

git push -f
But be aware that this will overwrite the branch in the remote repository with your local branch.

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