svilkov872017-01-26 09:34:41
svilkov87, 2017-01-26 09:34:41

After fetching data from a remote Git project, does Gulp stop working?

Good afternoon!
Work on the project is carried out from two computers - from a netbook and a laptop.
Got project from remote repository to laptop (git clone and git fetch).
Upon entering the project, Gulp stopped working. No Sass, no Livereload... well, nothing...
The console outputs this:
and the second part:
As far as I'm guessing, Galp doesn't like different versions of the win-32 and win-64 nodes (laptop and netbook).
Is this the problem? Or in something else?
How do I get gulf in the project to work again?
Thank you.

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Learn Prog, 2017-01-26

Delete the node_modules folder and reinstall. Add the node_modules folder to .gitignore.

Alexey Drobot, 2017-01-26

node-sass and gulp-sass - manually remove from node_modules
if after the npm i command it didn’t work then install them manually
npm install node-sass --save
npm install gulp-sass --save
well, as noted above, add the node_modules folder to the .gitignore list

aol-nnov, 2017-01-26

a great repository , the contents of which must be applied to all projects under the git right at the start. and such questions will be orders of magnitude less!

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