Valery Serov2015-01-03 23:19:29
Valery Serov, 2015-01-03 23:19:29

After editing the file, a file appears that interferes with working with git?

I edit a file in vim, let's say index.html and after :wq a file is created in the same directory index.html ~ what is it? It interferes with working with git (

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Alexander Masterov, 2015-01-03

Looks like files under undo.
In this case, they can be turned off ( set noundofile), but I strongly do not recommend doing this. It's better to change the directory to store them from "relative to current" to something absolute outside of the project ( set undodir=). And you need to keep in mind that this directory must already be somehow created and be available to Vim, since it does not create it itself.

denizen, 2016-01-05

Discover gitignore

SilentFl, 2016-01-11

These are backup files, and it's better to disable them like this :

set nobackup
set nowritebackup

and the noundofile option will turn off the change history for you, why do you need vim without undo?

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