Sergey Vasiliev2021-09-04 20:54:29
Sergey Vasiliev, 2021-09-04 20:54:29

After disabling CSM, the BIOS does not see the disks?

I decided to upgrade to windows 11, and there you need a secure boot, which in turn does not work with csm. Well, I turned it off (CSM), after which the BIOS stopped seeing the disks as bootable media. They are in the sata list, but not in the boot. There is only windows boot manager, which, when booting on a blue screen, writes that something is wrong with me in this life and I need to restart the computer. Is there any way to fix this situation without formatting the drive?

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SagePtr, 2021-09-04

Apparently, these disks were not written in UEFI mode, but in BIOS/CSM/MBR mode. Of course, if you disable CSM, then you will not be able to boot from these disks either.
Without formatting - you can, if you convert the system disk to GPT and recreate the bootloader on it, some third-party programs can do this. By means of Windows - a disk cannot be converted to GPT until it is empty.

Drno, 2021-09-04

You don't need wine 11.
Sit on win10 and don't buzz. Too early. Years after 2-3

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