Angelina982021-02-16 22:00:04
Angelina98, 2021-02-16 22:00:04

After converting a Unity project to an apk file, the mood was broken?

Hello everyone, I'm a beginner game developer. After I finished the project in Unity and everything worked correctly, I decided to convert it to apk, send it to my friends and show off. But all the settings flew off (the speed of movement of objects and the frequency of their spawning) Please tell us what this is connected with and how to solve it, if possible I would like to get a detailed answer. Thank you in advance )

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GavriKos, 2021-02-16

90% that your frequencies/speeds are done in Update, but don't take into account the frequency of its call.
Standard practice:
- limit framerate
- bind ALL to deltaTime.
Can't say for sure without the code.

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