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yngson, 2017-03-12 10:18:57

After connecting to the VPN server is not available, how to set it up?

There is a Windows Server 2012 r2 with a static IP XXXX;
There is a Client in the external network;
The rounting and remote access service is up on the server in the configuration (VPN + NAT + Routing)
The client connects to the VPN network without errors, and goes to the Internet with the XXXX address
After raising the routing and remote access service, the XXXX server no longer pings from any hosts, port 80 and the rest are also not available.
But, the client from the local address (inside the VPN), which the server distributed to him, can ping him and go to the standard IIS stub that hangs on port 80.
How to make it possible to reach the server through the external network (using a static IP) with the rounting and remote access service enabled?

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