king_s_man2020-09-21 08:54:39
king_s_man, 2020-09-21 08:54:39

After connecting the 4pin floppy to the sys fan, the computer does not turn on, what could go wrong?

I tried to connect the fan via the Molex floppy connection, I did everything with the system turned off, after that the power button no longer responds, what could happen?

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Sergey, 2015-11-04

Green background, with a wave, this is the background of this block. 1s0jlE8.png
You need a separate image in PNG, because the lower right part of the image will be transparent.
A picture with a salad is a separate picture, the background of the block inside which is a header.

Praytic, 2015-11-04

What? It's just a header with an image in the background.

tef, 2015-11-04

If the soul especially asks, then you can convert it to svg. But it's easier than a picture.
There is another option with a radial gradient... but why?

nirvimel, 2015-11-04

This is not a page element at all, but just a background.
How to do? - Take photoshop and draw.

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