Vladimirovich Trutniev2020-06-25 16:54:49
Vladimirovich Trutniev, 2020-06-25 16:54:49

After connecting rateyo to the main.js file and gulpfile.js, mixitup stops working, rateyo does not work - do not connect the asterisks and gulp throws it out?

After connecting via npm install, rateyo wrote in the main.js file

$(function () {

rating: 5,
starWidth: "12px",
readOnly: true

var mixer = mixitup('.products__inner-box');

mixitup stopped working, rateyo doesn't work at all and gulp writes:

[16:22:52] Starting 'default'...
[16:22:52] Starting 'style'...
[16:22:52] Starting 'script '...
[16:22:52] Starting 'sass'...
[16:22:52] Starting 'watch'...
[16:22:52] Starting 'browser-sync'...
[16 :22:53] 'style' errored after 813 ms
[16:22:53] Error: File not found with singular glob: D:/from0to1/moderno/node_modules/rateyo/src/jquery.rateyo.css (if this was purposeful, use `allowEmpty` option)
at Glob. (D:\from0to1\moderno\node_modules\glob-stream\readable.js:84:17)
at Object.onceWrapper (events.js:422:26)
at Glob.emit (events.js:315:20)
at Glob .EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:482:12)
at Glob._finish (D:\from0to1\moderno\node_modules\glob\glob.js:197:8)
at done (D:\from0to1\moderno\node_modules\glob \glob.js:182:14)
at Glob._processSimple2 (D:\from0to1\moderno\node_modules\glob\glob.js:688:12)
at D:\from0to1\moderno\node_modules\glob\glob.js:676 :ten
at Glob._stat2 (D:\from0to1\moderno\node_modules\glob\glob.js:772: 12
:53] 'default' errored after 827 ms
throws at all - stops working.

If you comment out rateyo- in both main.js and gulpfile.js, mixitup works again.


'node_modules/rateyo/src/jquery .rateyo.js',
what I'm doing wrong - I'm learning, maybe I'm asking the wrong question and therefore I can't find an answer.
Thanks to all.

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pjery3, 2020-07-29

Perhaps you downloaded the alpha version of rateYo, when you install, specify a stable working version. For example, npm i [email protected] --save-dev
I had a problem in another, resulting in two rows of asterisks, and I solved it by downloading the plugin files to the root of the folder.

Flowerbi, 2021-12-11

Who has problems with a double row of asterisks, you need to remove .css in the _libs.scss file (or another file where you include the css of the plugin). I mean that you did not include the css file of the plugin, because of this, a double row of stars occurs.

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