Maxim Volkov2018-12-18 15:34:43
Maxim Volkov, 2018-12-18 15:34:43

After changing the SSL certificate, the site on Bitrix began to constantly reboot. How to fix?

Changed the SSL certificate on the site to CMS Bitrix from Let's Encrypt, because automatic renewal did not work and its validity period has expired. I installed the new certificate using BitrixVM 7.3.0.
After updating the certificate, the site, when authorized under the administrator, constantly reloads in the browser and the admin panel and the site, while the site works fine without authorization.
At authorization of users of managers with the limited rights the site works. And under the administrator with full rights, the site falls into an eternal reboot.
What could be causing the problem? What to pay attention to. Please advise what can be done to solve the problem.

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Viktor Taran, 2018-12-18

I don't think these are related issues.
which site

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