howuu2019-04-26 19:17:16
howuu, 2019-04-26 19:17:16

After changing the RAM, kivy virtual machine does not start?

While I was trying to create an apk on a kivy virtual machine, I started getting an error in the console that there was not enough disk space, I turned off the machine, decided to go into the settings, I did not find how to increase the disk space, while I was clicking, I increased the amount of RAM, I go into the machine and while it is loading once you see a screen with interference, then just a black screen, no errors, I sat like that for a couple of minutes, I thought, fuck, I need to reinstall, but when I created a second virtual machine on the same image from kivy next to the old one , writes the same error, but at startup, what needs to be done so that the machine starts up normally and you can continue to steam over it?

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