Eugene2015-07-08 14:45:07
Eugene, 2015-07-08 14:45:07

Method users.getCallsLeft?

https://apiok.ru/wiki/display/api/users.getCallsLeft+en I specify method : "users.getCallsLeft",
uid : _uid, methods: "showNotification" but null comes. "To see the remaining number of calls to the showNotification client method, use the special constant notifications.sendFromUser." Where to specify this constant?

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lega, 2018-11-04

1) It seems that some packages are missing in the system (libffi-dev?), it can be googled in seconds
2) it is not advisable to do "make install", it is preferable to make a deb package (in the case of ubuntu/debian), which can also be installed on other hosts.
3) You can not "replace" the standard python, because the system can stop loading, you need to put it in parallel.
4) In order to use any version of python, it is not necessary to install it, you can run it via docker: "docker -it run python:3.7"
5) I have been using this instruction for more than 7 years to build different versions of python for different versions of ubuntu (always works ), additionally I do the assembly inside the docker, so as not to litter the main system.

Eugene, 2015-07-08

The issue is resolved, the notifications.sendFromUser method turned out to be a constant.
methods: "notifications.sendFromUser"

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