AidanaEnver2018-07-04 07:09:03
AidanaEnver, 2018-07-04 07:09:03

After changing from .net framework 4.1 to .net framework 4.6, an error popped up in the project. What is the essence of the error?

after changing .net framework 4.1 to .net framework 4.6 an error got out in the project (I use a third party web service in my web service). errors are indicated in bold. please help, I'm a beginner, it doesn't reach me =(
using (var service = new ServiceReference1.BookingInterfaceClient())
var credentialCache = new CredentialCache();
credentialCache.Add(new Uri(service. Url ), " Basic", new NetworkCredential("username", "password"));
service. Credentials = credentialCache;
service. Proxy = new WebProxy("", 3188);
error message ( CS1061 "BookingInterfaceClient" does not contain a definition for Url, Credentials, Proxy and cannot find an Url, Credentials, Proxy extension method that takes type "BookingInterfaceClient" as its first argument.)

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Alexander Kuznetsov, 2018-07-04

Try to rebuild applications (including the service) on the desired version of the framework.
Next, update the reference to the service that the BookingInterfaceClient is looking at.
And check if it works.

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