flmax2018-03-31 09:18:45
flmax, 2018-03-31 09:18:45

After booting the computer, the command line crashes and some kind of error, what should I do?

After uninstalling DriverPack Solution, the following window appears. Command line and error. How to get rid of it?

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Konstantin Tsvetkov, 2018-03-31

Remove this program or the batch file that calls it from startup. Or turn it off.

Task Manager

Denis Verbin, 2018-03-31

It is most likely not in autoload, but in the task scheduler tied to the user logon event. You just need to delete this task.

Dmitry, 2018-04-03

Look at process which launches this nonsense and kill. Most likely something is left in autoload.
Although I don’t remember that the driver pack would shove something there ... although I may not have used it for a long time ...

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