Evgeny Dolbanovsky2018-03-29 19:34:56
Evgeny Dolbanovsky, 2018-03-29 19:34:56

After automatic installation of ISPconfig 3 the server does not start?

I installed iSPconfig 3.1 on a clean Debian9 system via autoinstallation.
The script worked, it seems without errors, at the end it issued an invitation to the ip: 8080 panel.
An attempt to log in ended with the warning Possible attack detected right away. This action has been logged.
Did a reboot and that's it. The server is completely dead.
Ssh doesn't work, doesn't ping, doesn't boot at all.
Scanned by ip nmap no ports, no services.
Question: how famously did the autoinstaller kill a clean fresh system, and what should I do?
The system is on a flash drive, it is possible to pull out logs, or edit files. Where to dig comrades???
Ps I did the operation 3 times, I installed it on a clean system with an autoinstaller. There are no visible errors, but after reboot all 3 times the system is dead.

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Puma Thailand, 2018-03-29

See what the system displays on the screen when loading

Live File, 2020-06-15

Here is a detailed instruction on how to install
ISPconfig Installing ISPConfig 3 hosting control panel

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