Nikita Ivanov2015-10-30 13:21:47
Nikita Ivanov, 2015-10-30 13:21:47

After an unsuccessful operation with the system partition in acronis disk director writes that the partition is not formatted?

I tried to make the partition with the win 10 system active, because. bootmgr was on a different partition. The operation failed, now the partition is not formatted. Before the operation, I made a win10 recovery disk, there is an installation disk with the same system. Also on this screw there is a working Linux and a live partition with the old bootloader. How to return everything to working condition?

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Vladimir Martyanov, 2015-10-30

If you need data - contact recovery specialists. If you don't need it, install Windows again and restore the linux bootloader from the LiveCD.

nonname, 2015-10-30

Most likely the file system is damaged, there are utilities that can restore it. I would advise you to do all experiments not with a live disk, but with an image. Each independent action can only make things worse. There are many recovery utilities, I used r-studio for example, but it is paid. There are many fs recovery utilities googled for "partition recovery".

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