matros972018-02-15 11:25:42
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matros97, 2018-02-15 11:25:42

After an overload does not print a network printer?

I have Windows XP on one PC, Windows 10 on the second, and an Epson printer connected to it. When I added it to Windows XP, via the network, it asked for a password and login. I decided to create a local port and set the address of the printer on the network, but after a reboot, the printer stops printing until you add it again.

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Konstantin Tsvetkov, 2018-02-15

Make a "Homegroup", connect both computers to it, and on the computer with the printer, enable sharing to it.

kalapanga, 2018-02-15

When I added it to Windows XP via the network, it asked for a password and login.

So enter your username and password.

RJ94, 2018-02-15

you can make a batch file to connect the printer and push it into autoload on a machine with XP. then:
1. Share the printer on 10k, remember what its address and name looks like on the network (for example, \\mycomp10\LJ1100)
2. Create two identical users on both PCs (or even add a user on XP similarly to the existing one on 10k with the same password )
3. We make a batch file (we create a text file on the desktop or somewhere else on a computer with XP and change its extension from .txt to .bat):
net use usb1: \\_name of the PC with win10_\_name of the printer_ /USER:_name of the created user_ _password of the created user_ /yes
remove the underscores, of course.
4. we throw a label on the batch file into the startup of the PC with XP
I could make a mistake with the syntax, but once it worked like that

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